Space and Environments

iStorm - Gamma Ray emission detection
iStorm - Gamma Ray emission detection (2019)
Detecting Gamma Ray emission from the electric fields of thunderstorms.

Lightning Imaging Sensor Concept Animation
Lightning Imaging Sensor Concept Animation (2018)
LIS detects and geolocates the flashes of light produced by lightning in thunderstorms.

Pulsar Concept Animation
Pulsar Concept Animation (2018)
Animation of a Pulsar, showing concepts for radiation beams and magnetic field lines.

Fly's Eye Concept Animation
Fly's Eye Concept Animation (2017)
The Fly’s Eye GLM Simulator (FEGS) is an airborne array of multi-spectral radiometers optimized to measure the optical emission from lightning.

SPORT Mission Concept Animation
SPORT Mission Concept Animation (2017)
Concept for joint NASA-Brazilian Cubesat mission known as the Scintillation Prediction Observations Research Task mission, examining signal disruptions in the ionosphere at night over Brazil.

HIRAD Concept Animation
HIRAD Concept Animation (2017)
Concept animation of HIRAD data collection over hurricane.

SLS Cubesat Deployment Concept Animation
SLS Cubesat Deployment Concept Animation (2016)
Animation shows the deployment of nano-satellites from SLS.

Near Earth Asteroid Mission Concept Animation
Near Earth Asteroid Mission Concept Animation (2016)
Animation shows cubesat mission to research near-Earth asteroid.

Mars sample collection
Mars sample collection cartoon (2016)
Cartoon showing collection of sample from surface of Mars.

HERTS tethered cubesats concept animation
HERTS tethered cubesats (2016)
Concept for electric sail spacecraft built from tethered cubesats.

Electric Sail Animation
Heliopause Electrostatic Rapid Transit System (2015)
Animation of electric sail spacecraft concept for NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) presentation.

Website Concept Animation
Website concept animation (2014)
Animation conceptually shows the flow of information through client's company.

SlS Anti-geysering animation
SLS Anti-geysering testing (2014)
Animation for SLS anti-geysering testing. Created animation from 0:23 - 0:36; 0:45 - 0:55; 1:18 - 1:43.

SlS Forward Skirt stress testing
SLS Forward Skirt stress testing animation (2014)
Animation for SLS Forward Skirt stress testing. Full animation is here.

Foam-injected structure animation
Foam-injected structure animation (2014)
Animation showing concept for inflatable, foam-injected structure.

Dental Implant Technique
Dental Implant Technique (2012)
One of several animations showing client's new dental implant placement method.

Supersonic Counterflowing Jet
Supersonic Counterflowing Jet (2012)
Cut-away animation illustrating supersonic counterflowing jet testing procedure.

Solar B (Hinode)
Solar B (Hinode) animation (2008)
Concept animation for Solar B (Hinode) spacecraft.