Lee Hutchinson Kolb

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3D Modeling & Animation
VR development for Oculus
Exhibit Multimedia
Unity 3D / Interactive Multimedia
Web Design and Construction

Blender, Moi 3d, Lightwave 3D, LWCAD, Unity 3D, Adobe, Affinity Designer/Photo, Krita, Oculus Quest, PolyTrans, Google Earth, ffmpeg, Notepad++ and other utilities and applications for working with multimedia.

Multimedia Developer, NASA
Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, AL


3D modeling and animation of Sun illustration (2022)
3D modeling and rendering of Mars Ascent Vehicle (2022)
Animation and texturing of IXPE (Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer) model (2021)
Animation/texturing of Solar Cruiser model (Ball Aerospace) (2020 - 2021)
3D models and renderings for Concepts for Phased Development of a Lunar Surface Base (2020)
3D models and animation for Deep Space Gateway fly-through animation (2020)
3D assets and VR app (Unity 3D) for virtual reality interaction (Deep Space Gateway) (2019)
Animation of Solar Sail / Electric Sail comparison (2019)
3D model creation and rendering for hologram exhibit (2019)
Models and animations for Mars Transit Habitat Assembly concept animation (2018)
Models and animations for Lightning Imaging Sensor (LIS) concept animation (2018)
Animations and models for Fly's Eye GLM Simulator (2017)
Models and animations for the iSTORM (in-Situ Thunderstorm Observer for Radiation) Gamma Ray Scintillators concept animation (2017)
Models and animations for HIRAD (Hurricane Imaging Radiometer) (2017)
Models and animations for the Joint NASA-Brazil SPORT CubeSat Mission (2017)
Models and animations for HERTS tethered cubesat concept mission (2016)
Created animations for NASA Centennial Challenges contest (2016): Mars Collection/Ascent, Mars 3D Habitat Challenge and CubeQuest Challenge
Created animation for NIAC Electric Sail Concept Mission (2015)
Created animation for Atmospheric Reconditioning in Space process flow (2015)
Created fly-through concept animation for the Deep Space Habitat (2015)
Programmed interactive kiosk (Unity 3d) for SLS; includes 3D model rotation and drag/drop functionality (2015 - 2016)
Concept animation for Lunar Flashlight mission (2014)
Created animation showing process and equipment for Atmosphere Resource Recovery & Environmental Monitoring (ARREM) closed-loop system (2014)
Created animations for SLS Booster Forward Skirt stress testing procedure video (2014)
Created animations for SLS Liquid Oxygen Feed System testing (2014)
Created models and animations for proposed Near Earth Asteroid mission (2014)
Built models and created animation segments for NASA's What it takes to Live Away from the Earth video (2013)
Built models and animations of next-generation flight hardware for the International Space Station (for technical audience) (2012)
Created short animation of Lunar Rover for NASA's Centennial Challenge competition (2012)
Created interface for water recycling interactive kiosk (Adobe AIR) (2012)
Created heavy-lift rocket lift-off concept animations (2012)
Created models, textures and animation for International Lunar Network animation (2010)
Created interactive Flash presentation (audio/video, Actionscript 3.0) for MSFC "Great Nations Dare" virtual exhibit (2010)
Created 3D animated presentation of cartoons illustrating rocket propulsion for K-6 audience (2009)
Built 3D concept models for the Altair lander (2009)
Created Animated cartoons depicting Ares I and Ares V vehicle lift-offs and deployments for display on handheld device (2008 - 2009)
Built models, textures and animations for Gravity Probe B mission (NASA and Stanford University, 2007)
Built models, animation and coded interactivity (Actionscript 2.0) for NASA Wide Area Network installation training materials (2007)
Built models, textures and animations for Hinode (Solar B) mission (2006)
Built 3D models of NASA Vehicle Assembly Building components and vehicles (3D Studio Max) (2005)

Independent Work:

Animation and multimedia services for Seme Interactive.
Dental implant procedure modeling and animation services for Safeguide
3D modeling for The Large Art Company
3D modeling for Fiske Planetarium
Web design/Flash work for Rush Marketing Group
SketchUp work for Angus Tents (UK)
Flash programming for BrainStormes Web Writing
Interactive floor plans of condo units for Sailmaker's Place Condominiums
Flash animation and coding for Footprint Multimedia (UK)
3D models for productions by Respower Multimedia.
3D models, animations and interactivity for cosmetic dental procedures for Digital Road Corporation
Forensic animations for Visual Presentations for Attorneys, Inc.
3D product designs for SmartStride.com
Short animations for the Marshall Space Flight Center's 40th Anniversary Video.
30-second animation of model rocket launch and recovery for Advanced Concepts Media Production Services (Huntsville, AL)
20-second animation of unicycling dinosaur for Respower Multimedia (Huntsville, AL)
Technical writing and research for publications produced by Belzak & Associates, (Marietta, GA)
Feature writing for Creative Loafing magazine (Atlanta, GA)
Sportswriter, Clayton News Daily, (Jonesboro, GA)


Created website for Ralph Buglione Safety Training (2008 - 2012, offline)
Created campaign website for Brian C.T. Jones (2010 - 2012, offline)
Created php site admin section for framedartifacts.com (2004, offline)
Created website for Mesa-Robotics (2001 - 2006, offline)
Created website for Lacey's Grove Subdivision (2006 - 2011, offline)
Created website for Jones & Ayers Law Firm (2004 - 2005, offline)
Created website for Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service (2005 - 2008, offline)
Created website for Infinite Group (2005 - 2006, offline)
Created website for David Diodate Photography (2004 - 2006, offline)
Created website for Roman Holiday Cafe (2004 - 2005, offline)
Created website for Estimating Software Intensive Systems (2004 - 2008, offline)
Created website for Strada Professional Services (2004 - 2006, offline)
Created website for UUS Works, LLC (2004 - 2005, offline)
Created website for Galindo Designs (2004 - 2012, offline)
PHP scripting for catalog ordering and construction progress slideshows for Seagrove Highlands Condominiums. (2005, offline)
HK Watercolors
Tour and Procure


NASA Group Achievement Honor Award (2016)
As part of the Exploration Habitat Design Team

Image of Telly Award Silver
32nd Annual Telly Awards
Silver (shared with Greg Trent for WITTLAFE-What It Takes To Live Away From The Earth animation)

Image of  Telly Award Bronze
28th Annual Telly Awards
Bronze (Gravity Probe B)

Image of  Telly Award Bronze
27th Annual Telly Awards
Bronze (for contributions to NASA Lunar Habitat animation)

2007 Media Fusion Innovator Award

1987 Georgia Association of Educators Media Award
Best Feature Story from a weekly newspaper.

1986 Georgia Health Care Association Media Award
Best Feature Story from a weekly newspaper.


Randolph-Macon College, Ashland, VA
B.A., History 1986